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Sunny with passing showers
Wind: Easterly 11 miles/hour
Swell: Easterly
Sea conditions: Moderately rough seas
Sea temperature: 84°F (29°C)
Temp. : 81°F (27°C) to 88°F (31°C)
Météo des Antilles
N° 118
Friday July 29th, 2011  
New York
1$ = 0.699 €
1 € = 1.430 $
Devise Variation du Dollar
SANDY GROUND - French side

Monday to Saturday
8.15 am / 2.30 pm / 5.30pm
Sunday & Holidays
8.15 am / 5.30pm
SIMPSON BAY - Dutch side
Daily exits
9.00 am / 11.00 am / 4.30pm
Daily entries
9.30 am / 11.30 am / 5.30pm

EMERGENCY Dutch / French

• Emergency 911 / 17
• Ambulance 112 / 18
• Police station 111 / 17
• Fire station 919 / 18
• Hospital 543 1111 /0590 52 25 25
• Doctors on duty
00 599 5111 /0590 90 13 13


• American Airlines 545 2040
• KLM / Air France 0820 820 820
• Grand Case airport 0590 87 53 03
• Tourist office 542 2337
• Taxi 546 7759
• Water taxi 542 2366
• Weather info 123

No cruise ships ON FRIDAY

• Allure Of The Seas

• Carnival Victory
• For Sale 2000M2 COMPLEX 3/6/9 month lease, 5 apartments, boutique, restaurant, Bar, Beach…. Possible purchase of walls, located NO. 1 GRAND CASE. Due to retirement. Tel. : (0059) 0690 49 80 11

• For sale YAMAHA WR 250 XL AS new 230 Miles, not registered, electric start, $5500. keith at Time Out, boat yard Tel.: 0590 690 62 39 53
Tel: 522-9101 / 524-2915

• For sale Lexus RX300 Jeep, year 2000, MOT ok, 90 000miles, V6, all options, price 5 000euros Tel: +590 690 22 45 17 or +599 523 0691

• For sale Can-Am 990, 3 wheeler, licence cat. B, black Price : 7500 euros Tel. : (0059) 0690 49 80 11

• Urgent: For Sale - Boston Whaler, 2005, 11ft Sports Complete, 25 HP, Mercury 4’, Bimini Top, cushions, very good condition. Price: 9000$ Tel: +599 556 1560

• For sale Cigarette 1 Top Gun Powerboat, 38ft, 2 x 500 EFI (130h) Price 110.000. euros Tel. : (0059) 0690 49 80 11

• Student with Bacelor’s degree in English is selling award-winning classic books. Call Ellen at 0059 0690 77 67 63

• For sale Brand new professional equipment for snack restaurant : Stainless steel ice maker, two griddle crepe maker on frame, stainless steel worktable with drawer, electric waffle maker, pizza dough roller, smoothie machine, refrigerated beverage dispenser, standing glass door cooler, refrigerated tapas unit, bar unit. Call 0059 06 90 88 32 62

• For Sale 301PC COMPLETE MECHANIC’S TOOL SET. 1/4» 3/8» 1/2» drive as well as SAE and metric tools Tel: (+599) 587 0714 or 522 1952

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Association des Commercants de Marigot Saint-Martin Antilles
Whilst the “Multi Surf Passport” is attracting more and more followers at the Windy Reef Center, part of the young ‘Waterboys and Girls’ competitors are training hard in France. And as for the «pros» of the club, they are literally on the starting blocks a few weeks away from their adventure in Indonesia.

For more information on internships or news about the “Waterboys and Girls” go to: or onto the Facebook page, «Jean Seb Lavocat».
Throughout the month of July numerous people signed up for the “Multi Surf Passport” at the Windy Reef Center. The club congratulates all the young followers for their sporting achievements and invites all surf addicts to register for courses offered in August. As for the young competitors of the club it hasn’t been a lazy summer: a dozen «Waterboys and Girls» have participated in a training course organized by the French Surfing Federation in partnership with the Guadeloupe Surfing Committee, to perfect their techniques: a high-level training course that is taking place in France allowing our young local talent to fine tune their techniques alongside the “big names” in surfing. As for the champions, the summer hasn’t been a relaxing one: William Aliotti, Andrew Petrelluzzi and Maud Lecar, Jean Seb Lavocat’s “babies”, will fly with their coach Frank Rigal, the Saint Martin Surf Club’s monitor, to Indonesia. A major trip that will allow the three «pros», whose talent is beginning to attract sponsors, to go and surf the waves of a paradise island off the coast of Sumatra in the beginning of September. «A trip of great interest to the media and sponsors. Several press releases and DVDs have already been validated ensuring the budget for this sporting adventure; the conquest of the best surfing waves on the planet,» says Jean Seb.
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The trial of ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and others over their involvement in the killing of protesters will be held in Cairo on August 3rd.
CAIRO - «It has been decided that the trial of ex-president Hosni Mubarak and his two sons Alaa and Gamal, will be held in the building of the General Authority for Investment and the free trade areas in the Cairo Expo grounds,» a justice ministry official announced yesterday. Mubarak has been in hospital in Sharm el-Sheikh since April when he was first questioned by the authorities. Egypt’s health minister has said Mubarak is healthy enough to be moved to Cairo for his trial.
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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez celebrated his 57th birthday Thursday vowing to survive cancer and proposing to host a summit of Latin American leaders in December.
CARACAS - «At the end of the year, I should have passed this hard, careful, very, very strict phase,» Chavez said in a telephone interview. He said he sent letters inviting Latin American and Caribbean leaders to the summit in Caracas on Dec. 9. That meeting had originally been scheduled for July 5 and 6 but was postponed due to Chavez’s illness. A group of children sang birthday songs for Chavez on television and blew out a candle on a cake in his honor.
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Anti-Gaddafi Libyans have celebrated Britain’s recognition of the rebel-led National Transitional Council as their country’s legitimate government.
LONDON – Britain also expelled Gaddafi’s diplomats, giving them three days to leave the Libyan embassy in London. Officials in Tripoli said Britain’s expulsion of its diplomats was illegal. However recognition of the Council follows similar moves by France and the US, potentially freeing up billions of dollars in frozen funds. Rebel leaders promptly withdrew their offer to allow Muammar Gaddafi to stay in Libya if he gives up power.
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Taiwan is paying tribute to a man they call ‘The Father of Manga’. The exhibition is open to the public at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall until October this year.

TOKOYO  -  The Japanese artist Osamu Tezuka is the subject of an exhibition of work that has a special place in the childhood memories  of  many Taiwanese people. ‘Osamu  Tezuka’s World’ comprises more than 130 original manuscripts and TV animations, and there are recreations of scenes from his classic cartoons like ‘Black Jack’ and ‘Astro Boy’. The exhibition also includes some items from Japan’s Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum, promoting messages of peace and respect for life.
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CRICKET: LONDON - India’s tour of England could definitely have got off to a better start. After losing the first Test to an aggressive England team at Lord’s, India are now without their most experienced bowler Zaheer Khan for Friday’s Test at Trent Bridge. Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said yesterday his bowler has been ruled out with a hamstring injury. Now his place is set to go to either fast bowler Shanthakumaran Sreesanth or seamer Munaf Patel.
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SWIMMING: SHANGHAI - France celebrated a rare double gold at the World swimming championships in Shanghai on Tuesday. Camille Lacourt and Jeremy Stravius produced a dead heat in the 100 metres backstroke when both men touched in 52.76 seconds. It was the first time swimmers from the same country have shared a medal at the world championships and first gold for a French male swimmer at the event.
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A blonde was sitting on a bus reading the newspaper when all of a sudden she starts to cry. The Spanish guy sitting next to her asks what’s wrong and she replies that 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed in a drug bust. The Spanish man agrees that the news is very sad. After a while the blonde asks, «How many is a Brazilian?»
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A city in northern Taiwan is trying the Midas touch to persuade reluctant residents to clean up after their canines: offering a chance to win gold bars to anyone handing in bags of doggy deposits. Starting from August 1, dog owners and other residents of New Taipei City, bordering the capital Taipei, can hand in waste to government cleaning teams in exchange for tickets to a lucky draw. The prizes: three gold ingots with the top worth at $2,100.
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WEEKEND COCKTAIL: Caribbean Painkiller
• 2-4 oz. of Rum • 4 oz. pineapple juice • 1 oz. cream of coconut • 1 oz. orange juice • Grated fresh nutmeg

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice add first four ingredients and stir. Pour into cocktail glasses and top with grated nutmeg.
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On Tuesday the Executive Council approved the contract for the Territorial Plan of Development of Vocational Training initiated by a steering committee chaired by the President of the Collectivity and composed of the professionals in the training field.
It comprises of the Collectivity’s first master plan to implement training programs determining the common objectives of various players in the territory. Furthermore, council members have extended a CAP Refrigeration and Air Conditioning course: This training program for young people under 26 years is co-financed by the Collectivity and FSE and is a two year alternating course. Nine local businesses have already agreed to accept apprentices, and the final exam will be held in July 2013.
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For the second year running, the Mercure Hotel will be hosting a Pole Dancing «summer camp» organized by the Milan Pole Dance Studio. Alongside the training classes, instructors and students of this “unusual” sport will be putting on several shows over the coming weeks.
Pole Dancing is an artistic discipline; it is a sport that combines dance and acrobatics around, up and down a vertical pole. Originally born in the strip clubs, (hence its bad reputation to this day) this sport has gradually become a separate discipline that the islanders are now invited to discover at the Mercure Hotel in Nettle Bay. 8 international instructors from the Milan Pole Dance Studio, recognized in the world of Pole Dancing, will be training the up and coming champions during the day, and introducing the beginners to the sport from Monday to Friday from 7pm. Several shows are scheduled over the coming weeks: This Saturday at 8.30pm at the Mercure Hotel, Miss Saint-Martin Prestige will be elected, next Friday, on August 5th at 7pm everyone will gather for the hotel’s traditional seafood buffet, the following Sunday afternoon it’s all happening at Palm Beach on Orient Bay beach, and finally on Friday, August 12th for the finale, the Mercure will be putting on an energetic program… for more information, photos and videos go to the Facebook page: «Mercure St Martin»
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LIME has upped its support to the Anguilla Summer Festival just when corporate sponsorship is decreasing – even disappearing.
THE VALLEY – At a recently held press briefing, LIME’s General Manager, Mark Romney indicated that he is extremely pleased that LIME is able to support this year’s Summer Festival. He said, “Summer Festival is not just about merriment and fun. It marks a turning point in the history of our people with the celebration of Emancipation Day on 1 August. But more current is the fact that our Summer Festival has the incredible potential to boost our visitor arrivals for the period of the festival with considerable positive spin-offs for everyone.” LIME’s sponsorship of Calypso competitions alone comes up to approximately EC$65000.
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This Saturday, July 30th one of the most multifaceted artists in the Caribbean, Ruby Bute, who is not only a famous painter but also a talented poet and storyteller, will be presenting “Tales from the Silk Cotton Tree” along with Marian Jno-Finn. An evening of storytelling – jumbie stories, spooky stories, life stories! Come and sit and let your imagination run away with each tale, this is a form of entertainment that we definitely don’t see enough of, and promises to be rich and entertaining. Starting at 7pm at the Silk Cotton Grove in Friars Bay. A small entrance fee to be paid at the gate.
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Saint Martin Trails hiking club is heading off on another beautiful hike this Sunday, so up bright and early, put on your boots and make your way to the Hotel La Belle Creole for a 5.30pm start. The ‘Belle Creole to Lowlands and Back Trail’ is a scenic hike that takes you from the hotel to the Lowlands area of the island via the coast, returning by the public road. It is classed an easy hike and takes about 3hrs at a leisurely rate.
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August Monday… running as part of Anguilla’s Summer Festival which kicks off today with the grand opening ceremony, August Monday has become, hands down, the biggest beach party in the Caribbean! It starts at the crack of dawn with J’Ouvert party revelers converging in The Valley at 5am. They dance their way to Sandy Ground along with the August Monday floats that carry the vibrating Calypso and Soca bands. Arriving on the beach between 10am and 11am, this is when the real partying begins! The day will be filled with performances from local and regional bands, of which this year’s major attraction is the sensational Zouk band from Haiti, Carimi. Alongside the music scene, there will also be numerous food and drink stands set up on the beach. Also a very important, and very exciting part of the day will be taken up by the 2 boat races that take place! People party on the beach, in the water, on their boats, this is truly something not to be missed if you’re a party animal – join the crowds and enjoy a fantastic day of high-energy fun!
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An Indian engineer, a Philippine charity group and an Indonesian social worker are among the winners of Asia’s Magsaysay award this year for giving green technologies to the poor. Award foundation president said the trio had helped harness the technologies to empower their countrymen and worked to create waves of progressive change across Asia. The award, often described as Asia’s Nobel Prize, aims to honor people who address issues of human development in Asia with courage and creativity. Indian engineer Harish Hande, 44, was awarded for bringing solar lights to a country where half of all households have no electricity. Indonesian social worker Tri Mumpuni, 46, was recognized after her IBEKA foundation built 60 small power plants harnessing the energy of water stored in dams to bring electricity to half a million people. In the Philippines, Dutch marine engineer Auke Idzenga’s Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation won for using an ancient, near-forgotten technology, the ram pump, to help impoverished communities on Negros island get clean, cheap water for household use and for raising livestock. The winners are to receive their awards in Manila on August 31st.
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